Food and Drinks


                Chatuchak market is a food galore. The volume of culinary delights is simply spectacular. There are more than 400 food shops, each with a unique design that makes it cozy and welcoming in a hundred different ways.

                The newly-opened Dream Section houses some of the best know restaurants in the market. You can order a la carte or according to your imagination.

khoa yam and kha nom jeen

                Fell like a taste of the local cuisine? Shops selling favorite dishes from the counter’s different regions are spread out in many sections. A sumptuous northern menu, featuring sai ua (spicy northern-styled sausage), namphrik num (well-seasoned paste made of young chilli), or khanom jeen nam ngiaw (vermicelli like noodle topped with flavoursomr soup of minced pork), is not hard to find. For a more pungent flavor, drop by section 19 soi 10, where southern dishes such as kaeng luang, kaeng tai pla, khoa yam nam boodoo and kha nom jeen pak tai are available.

                Not to be missed is the immensely popular isan import of som tam (seasoned papaya salad). The variations include som tam with peanuts, pickled crabs and seafood.

                If your lunch plan features the likes of grilled mackerel soaked with aromatic soya sauce, served with a hot bowl of rice, Japanese food is a vailable at section 3 soi 2.

                Also available is Vietnamese food, nam nuang, pork sausage or grilled ribs. The Muslim dish of khoa mok kai (curried rice served with seasoned chicken) served here is also second to none.

lod chong

                To finish off a meal, there is a plethora of hot and cold desserts to choose from – lod chong nam krathi, shaved ice with syrup, tao huay, or pld-styled crunchy chao kuay.

thong yib and thong yord

                Serious shoppers who do not wish to waste time sitting down for sweets can opt for take-home snacks. A wide selection of traditional Thai sweets such as thong yib, thong yord, and khanom chan is offered  at the Dream Section.
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