Pet lovers will have a field day here. Looking for a pet? Name it, and there you go. For gogs, there are Thai, lang arn dogs, chisu, poodles, boxers or the gigantic Saint Bernard. Cats of popular breeds, such as sisawat authentic Thai cats or haughty Persian felines, are available in a number of shops.

                Ornamental pets are plentiful. Bird lovers can find colourful parrots and parakeets almost everywhere. As for aquatic beauty,  the selection is truly wide, ranging from a-few-baht-a-piece gold fisd and fancy carps to the more exotic dwellers of the deep sea.

                Pet accessories, be they leashes, cages, aquariums pet soap, vitamins or feed, are available. There is also a vet clinic in case something goes wrong with your pets.

                Chatuchak’s pet shops cater to lovers of less familiar species, i.e. mice, tree snakes, boa, gecko or iguana.
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